Apply Now!

Please take a moment to review the basic eligibility requirements of the ITES Program. If you meet these requirements then we encourage you to begin the application process.

Please note that ITES is only able to accept applications from teachers applying to teach the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (General and Specialist Areas)
  • Science (General and Specialist Areas)
  • Foreign Languages (most commonly Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French and German)
  • English as a Second language
  • Special Education

If you are a teacher of one of these subjects and you meet the basic eligibility requirements of our Program then please download our Application Form.

After your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the ITES Selection Team to discuss your candidacy in more detail.


"I simply encourage any teacher to come and teach outside their own country; the whole experience will help you grow as a teacher, learn about other cultures and appreciate your own."
- Z Blanco. Venezuela


"I've had an awesome experience teaching in America! It has given me the opportunity to travel, to experience the American culture and I've learned a lot about the American education system."
- Anna R. Scotland

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