Our Clients

At ITES we serve two client groups: the host Districts and Schools that hire our Exchange Teachers, and the Exchange Teachers themselves. Our success depends on the service and support that we provide to these client groups, each with different and distinct needs. We solicit ongoing feedback from our clients and use this information to adjust our service and support levels as appropriate. The result is an unparalleled service program customized to both the individual as well as the district.

Host Districts
Our primary job is to make it as easy as possible for the District to hire an Exchange Teacher. We handle all aspects of teacher recruitment, selection, placement, state licensure, visa and immigration, local orientation and transition to living and working in the United States.

We maintain regular communication with district and school officials and we make ourselves readily available to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise. This communication includes:

  • Direct contact with host school for initial feedback
  • Formal review meetings with school officials to monitor Exchange Teachers’ progress
  • Collaboration throughout the school year with schools & districts to encourage staff development and cultural exchange opportunities
  • Formal meetings with schools & districts to invite program feedback

Exchange Teachers
The welfare of our Exchange Teachers is critical to the success of everyone involved. That’s why the transition assistance we provide is the most comprehensive available. We arrange visa application assistance and pre-departure instruction for our teachers. Upon arrival in the U.S. we meet them at the airport and provide temporary accommodation in their host community. They’ll attend a comprehensive orientation designed to help them quickly assimilate to their new environment. We even provide a pre-paid cell phone so that they will be immediately connected to their new community.

But the assistance doesn’t stop when our teachers arrive. We maintain regular contact with them to discuss any issues that may arise regarding their professional or personal needs. In addition to the services already explained, such assistance will include but is not limited to:

  • Local Advisor support - available 24 hours a day
  • Teacher reference and professional resource guides and materials
  • Meetings to discuss and review individual classroom performance
  • Regular cultural exchange opportunities and ideas for classroom activities
  • Opportunity for fellowship with other EVP participants to share experiences and advice
  • EVP review meetings to discuss their program experience and continued expectations


"The level of service provided to Socrates Academy and our Greek teachers has been exceptional, both from a professional and personal standpoint. Perhaps most importantly in this economic climate, ITES saves us valuable operating dollars because of their competitive fee structure." 
Larry Peroulas, Board President 

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